Section 1. Modeling / Introduction to Editable Polygons

Time video breakdown:

  • 0:44 - Convert a 3D object to an Editable Poly
  • 0:56 - Standard Methods at sub-object level
  • 2:18 - Extrude
  • 3:04 - Bevel
  • 4:10 - Insert

Key points time!

Create an Editable Poly

To see what the Modifier Tab can do, create a box with 10 length and 10 width segments. Select your object in the viewport and rightclick. Click on CONVERT TO and select Editable Poly. You can now select independent polygons and transform them using the standard methods we've seen in the last video


From the rollout, we'll start with the vertices. They bascally define other sub-objects such as the edges and the polygons. If you move the vertices, the connected geometry will move as well.


The edges are lines that connect 2 vertices and form a side of a polygon. An edge connects 2 polygons at max.


A border is basically the edge of a hole. It's a sequence of edges that have polygons on only one side. That's why I coundn't show you how borders work in this case, because there were no holes.


A polygon is a closed sequence of 3 or more edges. With elements, if for example you have a house divided in the base box shape and the door which is another shape, they are elements of the same object. If it doesn't make sense, just be patient. We'll use them at some point in the tutorials.

Now, how can we modify these?


First, there's the extrude option that basically creates new polygons from your selected polygon. Select a polygon, hit the extrude tab, leftclick and drag. If you click on the settings box right next to the Extrude tab, you'll see a few other options that change the extrusion method. (it refers to the groups of polygons it extrudes or whether it extrdues individually or along the selected polygon's normal - way too complicated, but give it a try!)


For now, bevel does what I did in the videos. But its meant to extrude and add a flat or round bevel to edges. It is usually meant for logos and 3D text, but that's for later.


Insert adds edges to your selected polygon which you can then modify.

There are a few more tools and modifiers that I want to go over and then we'll have another little project to exercise your new skills!