3D Environment Modelling
tutorials in 3D Studio Max

The website offers course-like strucutred tutorials for environment modelling in 3D Studio Max: modelling, texturing, animating and rendering assets for animations and video-games.

Completly new to this? No worries! It starts with the basics and goes all the way to more advanced info.

This website is meant to be flexible. If you need more guidance, I'd recommend you read the about section.

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Step 1. Modeling

The learning curve starts with the modeling part. We need to be able to manipulate a simple cube or a sphere and get to a much more complex shape, such as a car or a pumpkin.

There are some extra challenges here and there to make this whole process more fun. Enjoy the scary 3ds Max interface!

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3D model image with boxes

Step 2. Texturing

Something more visually appealing, I'd say. There are many ways to create a texture. We'll mostly outsorce or create / edit a few in Photoshop.

Let's bring some color to those boxes! PS: if the background image has spheres, let me rephrase that: Let's bring some color to those spheres! :)

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3D model image with spheres

Step 3. Animating

Now this is optional. If your goal is to create static images, hmm, you might be able to skip this. But adding just a bit of camera movement is enough to bring your static scene to life. Video is a great eye-cather anyway. You know what? Don't skip this!

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3D model image

Step 4. Rendering

Ahh, my favorite. The moment when you feel all your work has payed off. Untill 3dsMax crashes and burns and your lose all your work. Sounds fmailiar?

Let's change that!

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3D model image