Section 2. Texturing / Ink n' paint & Architectural Materials

Video Time Breakdown

  • 0:45 - Ink n' Paint Material
  • 1:55 - Architectural Material

One material that gives you a 2D flat shaded look and one that gives you the most realistic result possible.

Ink n' Paint

Go to Material Editor - Standard - Map Broswer - Materials - General - Ink 'n Paint.

I love cartoons so I love this material. It creates that 2D cartoon effect.

The Paint Controls rollout has 3 components: Lighted which is the fill color for the lighted areas; Paint Levels which means the number of different shades that get rendered, Shaded which is the Lighted colour that appeas on the side of the object that has no light; and Highlight which is the color of the specular highlight.

You can also control the Ink Quality,, it's width (which can als be variable), any ink overlaps or underlaps. This is the stroke of the object.

Architectual Material

Go to Material Editor - Standard - Map Browser - Materials - Scanline - Architectural

The Architectural material has physical properties which means that during rendering it ffers the greatest possible realism.

There is a variety of templates, a set of parameters that kina approximates the material you want to create or it gives you a starting point which you can then edit in any way you like: glass, fabric, mirror, water, paper, etc.

You also have a special effect rollout which allows you to assign a Normal or Displacement Map or change the intensity of the light or transparency.