Section 4. 3D Rendering / Legacy Cameras

  • 1:24 - Target Cameras
  • 2:50 - Free Camera
  • 3:45 - Parameters - FOV, Lens,

3D Studio Max provides 2 types of cameras: Legacy and Physical Cameras.

There are, again, 2 types of Legacy cameras: Target and Free.

Target cameras record the area around an object that becomes the target, while the Free cameras records the area in the direction in which the camera is aimed at.

These 2 cameras have most of the parameters in common. So, a few things that you can control would be the FOV (Field of View) - controls how much of the scene is visible through the camera. Changing the FOV degrees also changes the perspective. You can make objects seem really in depth and disort their appearance or you can make them appear very flat, parallel to your eyes. You can also control the Depth of Field or Motion Blur attached to the camera.

With your animation skills now, you can animate the camera or the target to go around the object or create really cool aerial shots.