Section 1. Modeling / Modeling a house - Project part one

Because the whole video was too long for YouTube, I had to make 2 parts. Click on 'Next Video' when you are done with this one and it will take you to the second part.

Just before you start, know that you can replicate any house model you want. If you want to start with something that is easier, go for it, no problem!

If you want to follow this tutorial extactly, please let me know if the video is moving way too fast.

If you feel like this is way too easy, way to go champ!

When you start the texturing section, we'll use this model to texture it nicely as for one of the major projects. If you're not happy with the model you have, I'll leave the current scene as an asset in the texturing section for you to download and use. (things like this happen, don't worry, you'll get there!)