Here we go, wooohoo!

First few videos might get a bit boring, mostly about 3dsMax's UI, how to move things around and how to manipulate primitives. To make it more interesing, there are also some nice practical projects at the end of my imaginary sections.

From left to right, the difficutly increases. (usually)

Introduction Image Link
1. Quick intro to 3dsMax's viewports, Create and Motify pannels and controls.
About Primitives In 3dsMax Image Link
2. Adding some primitives inside the scene, yay!
Editable Polygon Text Image Link
3. Transforming an object in an Editable Polygon and trying some modifying tools!
Introduction Image Link
4. Connect and Cut - methods for adding more edges
Introduction Image Link
5. Modelling a house - Project Part One
Introduction Image Link
6. Modelling a house - Project Part Two