Section 4. 3D Rendering / Standard Lights

Video Content Breakdown

  • 1:00 - Target Spotlight
  • 3:43 - Free Spotlight
  • 4:55 - Target Directional Light
  • 5:30 - Free Directional Light
  • 6:15 - Omni Light
  • 6:55 - Skylight

Standard Lights in 3D Studio Max simulate lights that can be found in your house or in a studio, for example and even the sun itself. There are multiple light types here that you can choose from, which simulate light in different ways.

Types of Standard Lights

We have the following types:

  • Target and Free Spotlight - cast light just as a flashlight, one has a target which you can move around, the other doesn't.
  • Target and Free Directional Light - cast light in a single direction and they are used to simulate the sunlight.
  • Omni Light - casts light in all direction, really useful if you need some extra lights to fill your environment or to simulate a light source such as a lamp
  • Skylight - use Skylight if you need daylight in your scene to which you can also asign a map

Light Parameters

Remember to turn Shadows on and play around with the light color and intensity to get the perfect mood for your scene.